Square Mosaic

Mosaic: A decoration on a surface made by pressing small pieces of colored glass or stone into a soft material that then hardens to make pictures or patterns. : something made up of different things that together form a pattern

  • Calacatta 2x2 Square Honed Finish #SB230CLSTG
  • Lavantina Magic Polished Finish #SB204LVBRC
  • Lavatina Micro Mosaic Polished Finish #SB204LVMIC
  • Ming Green Micro Mosaic Polished Finish #SB290MGMIC
  • Multi Grey Magic Honed Finish #SB141GRMAG
  • Opus Magic Polished Finish #SBM25OPUS1
  • Thassos 2x2 Honed Finish #SB242T22H
  • Thassos and Mother of Pearl Quadrato Polished Finish #SB242CTMP
  • Carrara 2x2 Square Honed Finish